Big Bear VA is recruiting!

Big Bear VA is an airline based in Big Bear Airport (L35) in the Southern California Reigion. We are a well orginized airline with many routes. We have all Different types of planes ranging from the Cessna 208 to the 737-900! It doesn’t matter what grade you are, we will let you in! We have pilots from grade 1-4 and 30 active pilots. We are always coming up with new ways to help our members in any way possible. We also have a partnership with the International Cargo Group, so we fly a few of there routes too! If you want to join, PM me! There is the link to the website


No route to KPSP tho😢

Yes there is, Look again!

Oh nvm
Excuse me

It’s fine! Do you want to join?!

It was KNXP

Yeah I know. I think it might be a military airport

Yeah sure!

OK! PM me your email and I’ll invite u to the Slack Chat!

Did you PM me?

Do I need live to join? :D

Yes but you don’t need live+

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Oh, I don’t have live (it just expired)… :(

Oh, well if you get it again you can PM me!

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Okay, thats a pity.

This seems like a decently run VA. When global comes out I think I may join, hopefully there is a Nellis Air Force Base route added! 😊

We have some big plans for global (shhhhhh it’s a secret) but we don’t fly to AFB’s. SORRY:(

Thanks for the compliment though:)

That’s all right. Perhaps an LAS route and connect to Janet flight! 😅

Maybe! I don’t know everything that is going to happen😀