Big Bear VA is lookin' for you!

There was an old recruiting topic, but that was closed.

Big Bear Virtual Airline is based out of Big Bear Airport (L35) in the Southern California Region. Our fleet consists of 8 aircraft, from the Cessna 208 to the A319 and 737-900.

We have 26 active members and have many flights. We try and plan events on weekends that aren’t taken up by holidays. We accept anyone over Grade 1, and are willing to invite you to the slack chat immediately. If you would like to join, contact me, @GolferRyan, or @AdamCallow. We also have a big update planned for Global Flight, with fleet extensions and more. Feel free to contact any of the Big Bear Staff (shown above) with any questions!
And before you go, check out our website:)

We at Big Bear Virtual Airline give you our warmest regards, and hope you consider applying soon!


I love that Q400 livery!
What did you use to make it?


Shouldn’t you use your original topic for this? to avoid clutter? :)

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If the old thread was closed it would be sort of difficult of anyone less then a moderator to continue there.


Me like, hope you guys continue to grow!

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You should ask @anon93676386 :)

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I would love to join, how do I do it.

@TheMCLlama :)

I would like to join it won’t let me pm you

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