Big Bear Group Flight!

Join Big Bear members on a fun I.C.G partnership route from KMIA to KTPA, here are the details:

Flight Plan:

Speed and Altitude: FL300, 320 kts

Server: TS2

Plane: Boeing 777 (Cargo Liveries only)


D10: @madrid3004
D12: @Boeing_777
D13: @Hayden_Mundell
D15: @AdamCallow
D16: @Kudzuchimp

KMIA ATC: @Pilotmaster2129

#Join the flight!


Gate D11 what server @anon93676386

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Training 2

Ok spawning now

@anon93676386. I will be ATC because I don’t have a while

3 minutes, choose your gate!

Only 2 gates left!

Is there any way I could join?

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Sure just tell me the gate :)

D13 will work

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Last chance! 1 minute

There is no D13 so i took D14

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Got you! Spawn now :)

Sure ok!!!

What are we doing for approach?

Spreading out.If you get desperate land on runway 1R

i may just go for the 01r approach anyways. anyone mind?

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actually how about runway 10? :)

As long as you dont interfere with inbound traffic to 1L or 1R feel free

we’ll see how it works out