Big Bear Air Tours! @ L35 - 182000ZSEP16

Hello and welcome to Big Bear’s fifth event, today we will be continuing our Civil Patrol series.

Credit to Laura for the pic :)

Server: Training Server 2

Region: Southern California

Airport: KAVX, MMTJ, KSBD, L35

Time: 2000Z

Airplane: Bombardier Dash 8-Q400

NOTAM: We will takeoff from Catalina Airport (KAVX) in pairs and then fly to the Mexican border to Tijuana Airport (MMTJ) land there and wait for everyone to land there, then we will head to San Bernardino airport (KSBD) and wait for everyone again and then head to Big Bear City Airport (L35) for a final group picture.

Flight Plan:

1:@madrid3004 and @AdamCallow
2: @Pilot_Schulze-Kalt and @Joel1973
3:@CaptDrew and @Lars_Thorein
4:@emerald_mc and @kudzuchimp
#See You There!

Event Sponsored by Big Bear VA
Credit to @Gavrilo for the amazing idea!


another awesome event by Big Bear AV


Another amazing event idea from @Gavrilo ;)

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NOTE: we will always takeoff in pairs

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I want to come but I can’t handle the Dash 8 to land safe

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Check slack on events :)

I’ll try and make it

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Great hopefully we’ll see you there!

I will be there.

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Wish I could come, but my parents won’t let me buy live. :(

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@anon93676386 just take the 20 out of 2016 so it shows up on the app.

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Please don’t tag devolpers @anon93676386 refer to what Henrik said here Tagging Mods - #5 by Henrik

Will come in a B737

Sorry the post was made after I created the event so I didn’t know

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Thanks it’s fixed!

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if you are going to attend please confirm to get you a pair number

I should be there

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great @Pilot_Schulze-Kalt see you tomorrow!

Good luck fitting a q400 in Catalina

No need to get luck we already did that on a event in the past