Bidding Farewell to Alaska Horizon’s Dash8 Q400

Hello there!

Yesterday I had hosted an event that saw about 13 of us take to the skies on a short hop to Seattle to mark the last week of Alaska Horizon’s Q400 operations. Once the Q400s leave Horizon’s fleet, the airline would be an all jet fleet.

mini mod repellent

Server: Expert
Aircraft: Q400, in Horizon livery
Route: PDX-SEA
Flight Parameters: 14,000ft cruise alt, 240 IAS cruise speed (in knots)

  1. A line of Q400s at the gate

2. About 2/3rds of us in line for 28L, the other 1/3rd is a mix of on the way over or already airborne

3. In line again, but with Mt. Hood very prominently in the background

4. My takeoff run

5. In flight

6. Mount Rainier

7. On final for 16C at Seattle

8. Touching down

9. The remainder of who all made it and was able to stay


Do you have a favorite shot from the above photos?

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Thanks for dropping by



Nice job! I love it

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Very cool! I wanted to control KSEA yesterday, but did not have the time. Hope you all enjoyed it!

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Great photos! I really need to fly the Q400 again soon, sadly it’s not that common IRL now :(

Have a great rest of your day!
~ Ben

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I’m really gonna miss those turboprops at RDM. Next best thing we have is the EMB120

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Over here at MFR there’s some ATRs from FedEx, those are the closest looking to the Q400

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we had secured an approach controller before departing, and tower+ground was online by the time I landed, so someone was able to be there no matter

Yeah their numbers are diminishing and with Horizon letting them go, there’s no major operator left in the states that i know of

Bye Bye Horizon Air Q400!