Bhutan airways A319

The other one was made by me and it was bad. here is a better version

Hello IFC
Ahh that A319 I love flying this airplane across canada and to Paro… wait? were is the Bhutan airways A319??? we do not have it. why not have it?

Bhutan Airways is an airline that is based in Bhutan, it fly’s a lot to Paro. it would be nice to have this added to IF because of these reasons

  1. better experience when flying to Paro
  2. and to make your flight more realistic

I think the A319 is a awesome aircraft and Bhutan airways look very nice on this plane


Please continue in the topic you made a few days ago 🙃

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I think this is a “Fresh” start

You could just edit it.


Your old one had zero votes, so I’m not sure enticing the topic will do much.

I just think that my last one was bad… so I though instead of editing it, I could just make a new one and hopefully get some votes

It would be easier on the staff if you just edited your first post :)

Ok guys, I will edit the last one
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