BGTL Thule Air Base severely off

This runway is downright ugly. And the taxiways could not hold a C130 or KC10 that’s for sure. The whole runway 08T is shifted severely right and is moved forward, although 26T is correct. The taxiways are barely CCX size and are simply cut off on runway exits as you can see here.

You could join the Editing Team. Not all airports are redone at the moment and the ones that are done haven’t been added to the sim as of late.

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Man @Levet I’m on a roll with these airports lol.

I don’t really know coordinates or anything 🙄 that’s why I haven’t so far.

There’s an excellent guide that was recently put together thanks to @Moritz

He’s the real Mortiz!

Could you link me to it? Thanks

It’s in the guide above but here ;)

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