BGTL is dark 24/7?

While exploring the world, I tried to take off of BGTL. As I was at BGTL, I tried to set the TOD to “Noon” and nothing happened. I tried the same thing with sunset and sunrise

Currently on iPad mini 3 running IOS 11.2

What I have tried to do to fix

  1. Reinstall
  2. Clear ram and restart device
  3. Check settings to make sure everything is how it should be
  4. Changed the date to a further and previous date

It may be an issue out of my reach or is there just a natural phenomenon where there is never light in that area?


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I know that it’s always day when you spawn at Troll Airfield, but I’ve never heard of somewhere being always dark. Sometimes my time thing lags and doesn’t update and a restart usually works, but apparently that isn’t working for you.


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It’s the current time of the year. North of the Arctic Circle during Northern Hemisphere Winter, the sun never rises. It is currently November, so this will occur.



You’re in a region of the world were its always dark and doesn’t recieve sunlight as opposed to other places, in a few months this will change as then it will be the case but it will be day most of the time :).
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Not a bug, just current time of year.