bfuixc's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

Hi guys,
I’m planning to do the IFATC written in about two weeks and I want to practice Ground and Tower operations for the future practical.

I will try my best during the operations but I’m happy for any feedback.


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Status: Closed
Airport: ZSSS Shanghai Hongqiao
Open Runway: 36L/R
Estimated Close Time: 21:30 AEST
Pattern: Yes

Oh no 😱 So you had me using the 18 runway but looked to have taxi a guy to 36 runway. You can’t have plans flying head on. When I requested runway change you said “unable”. You should have switched me to 36 runway to keep all the traffic going in the same direction. In fact you should have just changed my runway as soon as you had a guy going to the 36 runway. I know I requested an 18 - unable was not the answer as I’m still going to be flying in the wrong direction to traffic taking off, you sould have just switched me. The 18s were most favorable as the winds were 5 at 185.

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