BF 109G-6 A True Fighter

Let me say that this would be a great aircraft to fly “against” the spitfire. The G-6 had a top speed of 323 mph at sea level and 383 mph at 26,000 feet. The power plant was 1 DB 605A-1 V-12 liquid cooled Daimler Benz engine. The main weapons were 2 13mm mgs and 1 20 or 30 mm cannon in the propeller hub. Extra armement consist of 2 20mm cannon pods under the wing, 2 8in rockets, 1 250kg bomb, 4 50kg bombs, or a non-lethal 300 liter drop tank. This all leads me to conclude that the BF 109G-6 was a great piece of tech that had the ability to do near anything. Though some might think this aircraft has no place in IF, I think IF would use at least 1 old Axis BF 109 G-6 vs. the P-38 and Spitfire.

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