Bf 109G-10

To complement the requested P-51D, a Bf 109G-10 should be added.
The Bf 109G-10 was the result of an effort to standardize the Bf 109G into one model, to be able to be built faster and in less time. Manufactured from the spring of 1944, the Bf 109G-10 was basically a Bf 109G-6 with a Daimler Benz DB 605D with the emergency boost system MW-50, which gave 1850hp at takeoff anf 1600hp at 6000m.
The G-10 had an armament of 1xMK 108 30mm cannon with 60 bullets, or 1xMG 151/20 20mm cannon with 150 bullets, both firing through the propeller’s cone, and 2xMG 131 13mm on the engine cowling with 300 bullets each, complemented by the Revi 16/B aim.
The Bf 109G-10 could carry a 300 litre droptank on its belly.


I’m not sure that you’re allowed to have two requests in one topic. But I like them. Though like many propeller-driven fighters it looks so Spitfre-ish

I only pointed out that the P-51D had been requested and it would be nice to have them both.

Come on guys, this aircraft was produced in over 33000 units, its a famous machine and deserves to be added as a warbird.

@Joe and @Mark_Denton would love this.


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I don’t know the names of war aircraft but I like them

Its part of the aircraft, so it shouldn’t be taken out.


And besides, following your statement, the stars on Soviet aircraft should be removed due to the 40 million killed by the communists (does the word gulag ring a bell?), the British roundel should be removed due to the bombing of Dresden, the United States stars should be also removed because of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the American-Japanese concentration camps on the US on WW2 etc…


PM me any question you have about war aircraft and I may be able to answer them.

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My uncle worked on a guys house and he had like 3 private hangers of vintage airplanes and in one of them he had one of two German Messerschmitt’s left in existence or that are at least to be know to be left. Would love to see this aircraft in the sim


You´re quite a lucky guy to have seen those original aircraft, do you remember their registrations? There are quite a lot Messerchmitts, flying around or at museums.

This one was completely original and unrestored

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Nice! Do you remember any tactical marking of it?

No I was 3 sheets to the wind when I seen it

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This reminds me of War Thunder. My bombers are always being taken down by these planes. Probably due to my somewhat lacking gunner skills.

Would love to see this.


The tail gunners of War Thunder are somewhat wesk though.

Brings back IL sturmovik memory’s. I would love to have this in the game.


I remember that game, it was fun to play.

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That is right, there is no need to take the Swastika off, besides people will have fun with it and start chacing people!! :)