Beyond Confused by ATC

I was inbound MMMX from MMUN. ATIS said landing runways 05L/05R. All other planes are using 05L and 05R. I asked ATC for 05R, he told me to make left downwind 23R. So I did that… then he told me to say intention, when he sequenced me for 05R. What’s going on?

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Here is the picture for ATIS

Hey there! The ATIS may have not been updated or may have changed while you were inbound. Things do happen like that!


Everyone else is using 05s. I was the only one that he sequenced to 23R.

In other words he was putting me against departures.

Hmm. Odd. May have been a mistype? I can also get you in touch with the controller if necessary.

That would be great…His name is IFATC Emiel

Must have been a mistype surely

IMG_2600 IMG_2601

All planes were using 05

@Emiel_l was your controller


I sent him a message, and he will contact you shortly.

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Thanks! Hope I’ll sort things out.

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Hey. that must be a mistake from me. apologies. If you want to talk about it more shoot me a PM


OP will connect via PM if needed.