Bewilkins22’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A (passed practical!)

Open at PHNL on TS. Landing/departures runways 8L and 8R. Pattern work allowed.

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I’ll stop by for a bit.

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Awesome job, man!

Only one minor thing to point out.

I called inbound for landing, however, you cleared me for the option, which you probably could’ve cleared me to land, since you already knew I was going to land.

Also, (just a personal preference), try to clear them for the option when they’re on crosswind, and about to enter downwind.

Otherwise, spot on!

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Good call, I realized that after I sent it. Thanks for stopping by!

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ok time for your feed back from me. i was N1ER.

Transition: was gonna do that but then you closed up on me. rip

T&G clearances were on point.

Runway change: good job with that. no complaints either.

overall i’d say you’re doing good. i’ll try to come back to another one of your sessions.

N1ER over and out

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Awesome, I appreciate the feedback! Thanks for stopping by, sorry I had to run!

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Open again at PHNL - tower & ground. Landing/Departure 8L and 8R pattern work allowed.

Now open at EHAM. Landing runways 36L 36C 36R, departures 36L 36C 36R. Patterns allowed

Now open at KDAL on TS for 20 min or so. Landing runways 13L and 13R. Departures runways 13L and 13R. Pattern work allowed

Now open at KMCO. Landing runways 36L 36R 35L 35R. Pattern work allowed

Open at KONT. Landing runway 26L 26R. Departures 26L 26R. Patterns allowed.

Now open at KDEN. Landing 34L 34R 35L 35R. Departures 34L 34R 35L 35R. Pattern work allowed.

Open at OMDB. Landing Runway 30R and 30L. Departures 30R and 30L. Pattern work allowed.

Now open at KSSC. Landing runways 4L 4R. Departures 4L 4R. Patterns allowed, stop by for some practice!

Good job at KSSC I was VH-STM. Good sequencing, clearances and runway changes. Only thing was you instructed me to cross 4L when the other TBM was about to touch down on 4L. Everything else was well done.

Thanks for stopping by! Yea, I realized that after I told you to cross. Appreciate the feedback!

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Practicing for my upcoming practical. Open at VHHH. Landing runway 7L and 7R. Departure 7L and 7R. Pattern work allowed.

Now open at KDAL. Landing runway 31R and 31L. Landing 31R and 31L. Patterns allowed

Now open at OMDB. Landing Runway 30L and 30R. Departures 30L and 30R. Patternwork allowed.

Practicing for my upcoming practical. Landing runways 6L and 6R. Departures 6L and 6R. Patterns allowed.