Beverage Cart turns Chicago O'Hare Airport into a Rodeo

A beverage cart at O’Hare Airport in Chicago starting spinning out of control before being taken down by a tug. Thankfully no one (and no plane) was injured in this humorous event.


Quick thinking on the line guy to bring in the tug. That guy deserves a raise! That could’ve ended up real, real bad


Though this was clickbait, until it wasn’t. great vid!

That was both terrifying and hilarious😂 back from jokes
I’m glad no one was hurt and that nothing was damaged in any way

Weird…Never seen that before.

Lol - that’s hilarious! Glad no-one got hurt - that man is an absolute legend.

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I was watching this at 1am before a long day at school… no regrets. I was crying laughing, and even now am struggling to keep a straight face,

Thanks so much for sharing!


That’s exactly how I was lol!


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Hahahaha! There isn’t a more fitting place for this to happen the O’Hare

The guy with the tug is a legend! 😂

Made my day for sure!

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I like the man because the plane is ok. If the plane was not ok I dont like the man.

My man said “Here hold my Root Beer” rams the cart then slowly gets off the machine like a boss! 🤣

The video would be so much better with a Dr. Dre song (instrumental version) in the background though.


The story behind it is really cool. Turns out the guy is a long time employee with endeavor. Thanks to his quick thinking, he saved the company a hefty repair bill. Good on him!


Must definitely agree, of that cart would have veered just a bit more it would have damaged the nose of the aircraft and could have wiped out the Tokyo Drift spectators.


It looked like one guy was definitely hurt.

At the very beginning I think I saw him fall out of the cart or something.

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Just in time with that dude coming in to block it before it hit the plane but this hilarious

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Airplane passes: And folks to your left you will see a spinning beverage cart?

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Haha, I would’ve paid a million dollars to be on that United plane that was pushing back. Imagine the confusion those passengers were feeling 😂


Levet, I did not know you were The Rock.


what a powerful weapon i have made, i am inevitable