Between Two Worlds - A Summit Flight from North to South Korea (with commentary)

A historic flight of fantasy between the North and South Korean capitals. Commentary is given below.

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Time: 51 minutes
Route: Pyongyang Sunan (ZKPY) to Seoul Incheon (RKSI)


In the world of Infinite Flight, with no borders and no conflict, the friendly neighbours of North and South Korea have agreed to host each others’ leaders and top officials at their respective capitals. This fun and frolic-filled inter-Korean summit in each others’ countries will kick off with North Korean leaders and officials travelling to Seoul for top-level fireside chats, aerial tours and presidential plane-spotting competitions.

To travel to South Korea, the summit officials have borrowed a specially-outfitted Airbus A350 from China Eastern Airlines, and temporarily registered it with a callsign of P-111
Also, as a special gesture and favour, South Korea has generously sent a cargo aircraft of their own to carry the summit officials’ security equipment and luggage, with their top pilot @Enigma
All set to board (and load), at Pyongyang’s Sunan International Airport’s VVIP Hangar.

Pyongyang’s RWY 01/19 has been closed – except for VVIP flights. So that’s the runway that will be used today. What an unusual taxi down to the runway! There’s only one way to get there. No wonder it’s termed as the ‘hermit runway.’

Up, up and away! The leadership contingent of North Korea takes to the skies in this flight, quite literally, from one world to another. A steep climb-out to get to cruising altitude quickly - the displeasure for laziness comes at a steep cost, in this world!

What a beautiful takeoff over a much-overlooked (by satellites) country. Close behind is the cargo plane, symbolising the cordial and co-operative nature of this summit.

Like most things, the one thing that these summit officials and leadership contingents love is a self-portrait. The request was conveyed to the pilot and, very obligingly, the pilot put on an emergency jetpack, leaped out, took a picture, and leapt back in. Even though this is a fun and frolic-filled summit, we must not forget that there are some very important people on this plane, and leaping out of a plane to take pictures simply showcases the people’s commitment for their leader to win the plane-spotting competition scheduled on this visit. The North Korean leadership feels sure that they have a winning shot here, what do you think?

One thing that always gets everyone - coming from North or South - is the crossing of the border. Being handed off from the loneliness of Unicom to the liveliness of Approach cannot be represented better than the crossing of an international border. So, the leadership contingent took a picture to mark the occasion, as they feasted on their mystery-burgers and grape juice, made famous by their original national carrier Air Koryo.

All too soon, it was time for this unique flight to descend into Seoul, where there would be pomp and ceremony waiting for them. Other airlines flew their daily routes into Seoul too, not realising that this China Eastern flight wasn’t actually any old scheduled flight at all, but a bridge between two worlds, literally. And there were the magic words: P-111, number 2, Runway 33L, cleared to land.

North Korean pilots are some of the proudest of their landings. In fact, they bet their very lives on it! Proven by this landing here - right within the touchdown zone with a descent rate of 200fpm.

Taxiing off the runway, the leaders and the summit officials in the plane rushed to take pictures as a rarely-spotted Jet Airways was seen outside. They really want to win this presidential plane-spotting competition!

Finally, after all the excitement, P-111 parked at a secure location, away from other aircraft, all set for what looks like it’s going to be a historic inter-Korean summit!

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  • 1 - Pyongyang Sunan Ramp
  • 2 - Taxiing To The Runway
  • 3 - Takeoff
  • 4 - The Two Korean Planes
  • 5 - The Jetpack Shot
  • 6 - Crossing The Border
  • 7 - Turning Final
  • 8 - Life-Betting Landing
  • 9 - Meeting A New Plane
  • 10 - Seoul Incheon Ramp

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I need to try this route. Looks exciting!

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Definitely! The only thing is - you have to go a little out of the way to catch a STAR into RKSI because there are no arrivals (or departures) to the north.

Awesome shots! Thanks for including me in this… very cool!

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Haha of course! Always happy to surprise a fellow community IF pilot!

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Great shots, looks like a fun and not used much route.

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Oh I’m sure it’s not much used, haha