Better turbulence

In real life if you were to enter turbulence you would feel more movement than that can currently be seen in game, for example in rough turbulence your plane might drop. It would be cool to see this in IF

Also rain when?

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What you feel in comparison to what you’d see from outside the aircraft, are not equal.

The reason you don’t see as much from the outside, is because turbulence doesn’t physically move the aircraft that much. But the feeling for the passengers are somewhat different due to the speed you’re traveling at :)


From a standstill a 1G bump moves you 5 meters if for 1 second, 10 meters if for 2 seconds.

Is that like the height of an aircraft or less (a220 for example)?

But 1G bouncing would be big forces, we typically don’t feel.

I read this quote on the range of turbulence forces from the link below:

“in severe turbulence, the readings would range from + 0.4 G to +1.6 G. Airliners are built to withstand far more G-force than turbulence can produce. Minimum requirements are - 1.0 G to + 2.5 G, and most airliners can withstand twice that.”

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True, though it would be cool if weather is shown on the maps. Also mechanical turbulence and jet stream turbulence would be nice to see

When you said

I was curious about that too that’s why I looked into it. I once was trying to leave the rear toilet (in a 747-400 nearing SFO), cabin items littered the floor, flight attendants strapped in, no empty seats I could urgently take. Flight attendants shouted “down on the floor!” No resitance from me, it was out of control. I was holding onto the seat attachment points. My legs were doing whatever. Later they calmly said “this doesn’t usually happen.” Felt like a lot of movement!

I been wondering same thing. Will we ever get rain/snow etc for it to be more realistic…

I thought weather would come in 21.1 with clouds but it sadly didn’t. We haven’t even gotten the next cloud update. Who knows how long we will have to wait. Days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries 😀! But in all seriousness we need weather and more clouds in the game. I hope they get added in 2022!

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