Better Topic Titles

I’ve noticed a recent increase in new topics with titles that do not describe the subject of the post very well or at all. Titles such as “Please Help” or “what is this?” just make the forum look like a mess and no one will know what the topic is about unless they click on it. If you want more replies to your new thread, please take an extra second to write a meaningful title. It helps you as well as keeps the forum clean and organized.

Here is a good post on how to write better topic titles:

Please do not take this post the wrong way – I am not trying to be internet police. Please take this as a friendly suggestion to make better topic titles and draw more people to your thread in a good way.


Great point. I agree.


Website or not, all the user needs to do is to not put in vague titles for topics

Regulars- if the title is very broad (eg Pls help) then change it to be something more descriptive about the thread.


Yasss! This is driving me insane!


@AR_AR, the link seems to be invalid. Is there an updated one?

I was trying to be Internet FBI

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