Better than In an Active Airspace

It might be good to add a feature that advises the pilot if one is in an active airspace or one that has just gone “hot.” It could be as easy as turning the headset icon green when:

  1. the pilot is not in contact with ATC
  2. the airspace now has coverage.

The benefit might be good for ATC so they do not have to send a message to every aircraft.
Also for pilots who like to know these things before ATC has to contact them.

Alternatively, ATC could hightlight the aircraft which would turn the icon green inviting them to join the party.

I approve this message.

Could de-clutter the ATC transmissions as well.

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As a controller, this would be nice.


If you like the idea you should upvote it.

Could send a client-side message similar to the one of “you’re on an active airspace, you’ve been tuned to ground” but without the you’ve been tuned

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I like the idea to green the headset icon, because it invites the pilot without having to force the controller to contact all the aircraft in the space to alert them