Better Scenery

I was flying around my neighborhood in an ex cub and it’s kind of sad how bad the scenery looks at 1000 feet for privacy reasons I will not show you my exact house but here’s the general area in infinite flight versus the general area in the real world I hope that in the future updates the scenery is more realistic

I mean, if iF scenery looked like image 2, your phone/tablet won’t be able to run it at your current performance.

and it would cost the devs more work and money, which means you have to pay even more per month

The satelite imagery that IF uses for the scenery costs a lot of money, and it would take a lot of time to amass the whole globe. So short answer, unless they are working on it now, we won’t see new imagery for a bit

What the other guys said.

Who knows, one day, update 29.2 😉


What these peeps said. And then some :)