Better pushback instructions

This only would require for expert, but I was wondering could we have better pushback instructions, because every time ground just says pushback approved and everyone just pushes back wherever they want, if the hub was a one runway airport then fine but at major airports they should at least tell us what runway toe expect so we can pushback in that direction. Just for more realism.

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ATIS covers this function already so its pilot discretion really

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As per 2.1.5 of the ATC manual:

The use of ‘expect runway xx’ should only be used if the Controller deems it necessary for the aircraft to face a particular way for pushback to promote efficiency. It should not be used for every pushback command sent.

It should be a pilot’s responsibility to monitor his or her surroundings at all times. As long as you push in the correct direction and are somewhat reasonably distanced from the runway, we’ll most likely tell you to go to that runway.


Yeah but what if there are 4 runways and their using all of them for takeoff and landings? I’ve experienced that before and it can be a mess

Many controllers tell pilots which runway to expect for landings, I certainly tell all the people on ground. Sometimes however it can just be so busy that controllers aren’t able to assign you a runway at immediate pushback.

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Just out of curiosity, which airport are you describing? I can give more insight into the reasoning.

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Atc will usually tell you to taxi to the closest runway like 80% of the time so best bet would be to pushback in accordance to whatever departure runway is closest to you

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