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Which aircraft has the best performance within the IF simulator, the best aircraft to handle at the time of landing and takeoffs and also on a cruise flight?

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It’s all personal preference to be honest! If I were you, I’d experiment on solo with a handful of different aircraft in the fleet. All of the newer aircraft within the simulator have accurate physics if compared to the real life aircraft.


The ones without live cockpit are the best In terms of performance!


I would say that 737-800/737-700 a319 and a318.

The 757-200 can be considered too, the 757 i personally call it the sport plane, it’s very responsive, powerful and easy to fly, the only thing with it its the extremely sensitive rudder, but u can get used to it.

Also de 788-8 and -9 variant


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thanks for the tip

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The reworked aircraft (777, A350, B757, C172, TBM, A10 and maybe A320) are the ones that have the best physics.


I have not understanded the question well, sorry I thought you were asking for the best performance in terms of Frames per second.

The New Reworked Aircraft have the most realistic physics in the sim

It completely depends on what you get used to the best. I am mostly flying the A320 family aircraft and therefore butter it in most occasions

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A330 and B767(haven’t reworked yet) are also some nice performance planesactually A330 is butter machine

Okay! Thank you!

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