Better not get an ice burn! | Freezing New York to burning Doha

Hello and welcome to another Screenshots and Videos topic!
A couple weeks ago, I did a flight from New York (KJFK) to Doha (OTHH). It was quite a nice flight apart from the super annoying winds that are on the Atlantic (like seriously, 130 knots? Why can’t those winds calm down a little?). Here’s a report in pictures of my flight.

Flight information

Flight time: 12h30min
Altitude(s): FL310; FL330; FL350; FL370; FL390
Airframe: A359 (Airbus A350-900)
Server: Expert
Speed: M 0.84
Callsign: Qatari 704 Heavy


And here we are at the gate at terminal 1, KJFK

The a350 takes off into American airspace. Can you guess which kind plane is watching me take off? It’s not that hard.

The best airline in the world climbing over New York. Can you spot the airport in the background and name it?

After a 5 hour trek over the Atlantic, finally the UK! Except it’s pitch black, we’re in the cockpit, you can’t see it, and turbulence is still bad. Not much has changed since the ocean!

Flying over the mountains in Turkey.

Initiating descent into Qatar

Final approach into Doha

My smoothest landing yet, -50fpm

Guiding the jet bridge to door 2L of the aircraft, and unloading passengers after a long trip.

Thanks for reading! I’ll try to post these more frequently.

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A A220 is watching you takeoff

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Nice shots!

I think it might be a a330

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Correct! It was in fact an A220.

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Close, but not quite :)

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Oh ok nice shots though!

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Thank you!

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