Better night sky

I have noticed that when flying at night you can still see everything such as mountains and lakes and stuff, but in real life you can’t see this from a plane without ground lighting, usually there isn’t ground lighting in the mountains and it’s just pitch black.

This would very as it would add realism to the simulator.

It’s probably because your devices brightness is high. I would lower it if your that concerned.

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Because lights.

I’m certain the night sky we have is the one you see in real life, just like the moon.


No I mean just for the surroundings to be darker.

But then you can’t really see you’re instruments

Lights in the night depend on the moon, when the moon is bright you can see the terrain. 🙂

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Not always and usually only a glimpse, we had a full moon last night and a blood moon but I couldn’t see it.

New moon

Full moon

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You still shouldn’t be able to see that much

Better see that much than not see anything. 😅

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I’m not sure making it darker is such a good idea, at night you can hardly taxi as it is…
Jokes aside I believe what Ed said is correct, I’ve noticed some nights are much darker than others.


Ya maybe when realistic lights are implemented this could become a possibility