Better Logbook

I know every one here on this community has expirienced a crash or an unexpected shut down of your device nearing the end of a long flight, and we all know that feeling of dread when all your progress is lost and all those hours wasted into the trash. So this has happened to me quite a bit. But it’s getting on my nerves now after a crash in 10 hour flight from Dublin to DFW with only 2 hours left.

How about:

A logbook that updates constantly during your flight, so regardless of any issue, you still get the hours and XP you flew. Kind of like Google Docs.

Let me know what you think.

You do now anyway… that data is automatically updated to the live servers every few moments, the most you lose from a crash is five or six minutes worth of XP…


Really? I looked in my logbook and I couldn’t find my flight.

It won’t save into the logbook, but you will still get the XP. Your flight data is transferred from the server live, meaning that if your phone crashes/dies, it will still save.

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It might not show up in your logbook however it logs every few minutes…

I just noticed my hours and xp added. Sorry about my misguided inquiry.

Thanks for the help


Thanks for the help Kevin and Ben ;)