Better lighting


Some better taxi way and Tarmac lighting would be great. I notice most real airports use blue lights on ground this would help some times at night I have no idea exactly where I am taxing at etc.

Taxi Lights

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The blue taxiway center lights, red airport boundary lights, blinking Amber hold short lights, etc. are already programmed in at some major airports like KLAX or KSEA. They just don’t render into the game yet. Just the same way that 3D buildings or windsocks don’t render in. Maybe later when devices are powerful enough. Maybe if the Devs make a PC version then it will be more like FSX as opposed to a mobile sim


So you guys have started on it, programmed it in, but the problem is the mobile devices wont show it? Just trying to understand what you are saying sir…


It’s the way stuff is displayed. These kind of games use the same type of program the scenery. But every game has a different way of rendering in each object. That’s why taxi lines, taxiways, runways, pretty much every object is different in every game. That’s what also makes the difference between IF, FSX, and other flight simulators out there.

Notice how there are only 2 types of lines in IF: Solid white, and solid yellow. There are a lot more lines out in the real world, however they always render as either of those 2 lines into IF. Same thing with lights. I think right now there are only runway lights on the edge and maybe center? The lighting design is already there for some bigger airports, I guess they just haven’t been turned on yet so you don’t see them in IF. So the devs would just have to add more supported objects I guess? I don’t know how to do it that’s why I’m not a dev lol


When designing an airport we already add such lights so the base is there. It has to do with the game rendering them but I donnt know how complicated it’d be to change the rendering form ;)


Hello ! I’m very sad because I can’t flight by night ! Because there isn’t lights in the cockpit ans on the taxiways ! That would be cool is you add lights on the taxiways , in the cockpit and outside or the plane !

Thanks ! :smile:


Hey Theo! Could I politely ask you to search and contribute to other simillar topics before creating your own! ! Maybe try these places!

Hope this helps cheers! :) ;)


Oh i’m sorry ^^ !

Thanks for your post !


No Problem Buddy!


Can’t find a specific thread for recommending taxi lights on aircraft. Just a little thing that would be nice to have


Especially at night time taxi lights would really help


Nice Idea 👍🏻 I Prefer This Idea


I really like this idea :thumbsup:


And when you are about to enter an active runway the lights will illuminate the more


Or you just turn the taxi lights off and landing lights on yourself


Or just use the landing like the whole time 😂 joking


I would prefer improvements like this over adding new plane types.


I presume the devs ares super busy so this might be too much to do, but adding something like this surely isn’t too hard to do even if it’s a side project alongside more aircraft


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