Better learning conditions in the TS

Hi everyone. I like to train in the TS to test my ability to fly safely with ATC, I follow the required standards and rules, however, I find that I do not always have a service and support consistent with the guidelines outlined to execute the flights properly. I suggest that the supervision of flight controllers in training can allow greater advances in our learning, in the place indicated for such purpose. This is not a complaint, I am just trying to link the purpose offered to those who are in the TS seeking to improve their knowledge and learning. Thank you for reading this post.

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I agree. The training server has become the casual server with ATC over time.


Hello. I hope I’m fine. I would not like to agree with you fully, but the reality is close to your comparison. I know that there is rigorous training of all controllers, so I hope that in the TS, due attention is given to apprentices, to educate and train everyone to fly safely and correctly. Thanks for your comment.

The reality is that the training server is a place for both pilots and ATC to learn. There are no regulations for the controllers on the TS. As long as they aren’t trolling, the truth is that they are learning just like you.

If you want controllers who are tested and follow strict procedures, Expert is the server you’ll want to fly on


hello, I agree with you that the best place is ES to have the best on flights with ATC. However, not everyone has the skills to orient themselves in controlled space, a fact that can still cause punishments and distancing the ES to avoid violations and demotion. Thanks for the comment.

In the event that you don’t understand something, you can always reach out to an IFATC member. We will always welcome questions. And if you want to start on the Expert Server, the best way to do that is to simply choose the lowest traffic airport (pick the one at the bottom of the list) and start your flight there. That way, you don’t need to worry about punishments as long as you have basic common sense (don’t taxi through other people, takeoff from the taxiway, etc.) And if you do get a please check the user guide, you can always, well, check the user guide, or reach out to the controller so you can learn and grow.

We do the exact same thing with new IFATC members. We have them start slow in low traffic environment so they only make minor mistakes and can slowly learn and grow while feeling free to ask questions.

However, the conditions you describe for the TS are meant to be there, as they are learning as well.
And the controllers may or may not have an intention to join IFATC. They could simply be controlling for fun in their off-time.


Thank you for your excellent suggestions, always very good to have the support of the controllers. I already have a little experience in ES, as I said, I use the SE to always learn more. I do not discredit the purpose of learning.
I hope that all of us have successes in our apprenticeships in flights, whether they are pilots or apprentice controllers.

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I would recommend to check the ATC tracking threads. These guys attempt to become IFATC sometime (as well as I do). That’s the best service you can probably got, as we have most of the experience needed for ES. Anyways we ourselves do mistakes from time to time 🤷🏻‍♂️.

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Thanks for your tip. Success.

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“Training” may be a little misleading here… The reality is the TS is a place for newer pilots to experience being amongst other aircraft and practice using the Comms panel to interact with ATC.

I was glad to move on to ES… The training continues there!


From time to time you may also encounter skilled radar controller’s on the TS who are learning on how to become a good approach controller who is ready for the ES

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Hello, thanks for the guidance. I understand that all controllers in TS are learning. What I have noticed is sending inappropriate messages, to follow procedures which are not compatible with my flight plan, for example, I have a landing plan in a different destination and I am receiving messages from the tower of another airport, or I am on ground in I get a message for takeoff before starting the engines.
Thanks for your comment.

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