Better Landing Gear Suspension for all aircraft

Better landing gear suspension for all aircraft, especially for the Boeing 737 models and Airbus A320 family… as to them it is way more remarkable than in the others.

Like in the following videos

Video 1

Video 2


Or this video


I’m all in favor of this! I think it’s cool how the aircraft bounces a little when it lands (if that’s what you’re talking about).


Yep! That’s the point

No it’s not. He means by the suspension not tilting of the gear.

Oh, ok I’m sorry

I think the dash’s fine…check Matt’s instragram on it’s autoland clip

Yep the Dash is. But the A320, B737, all wide bodies aren’t


Land the 747-8 and use the ‘bottom’ view camera. The suspension is good.

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Dude, have you closer look on the suspension and then talk about if its good or not

Maybe this mint come with global, crossing my fingers🤞🏾. Definitely needed on the A320/737 family

Yep, definitely want this!