Better joystick compatibility

A better joystick compatibility would be great! the options we have now are still good but not as great as it could be. I know a lot of people would like to use the Thrustmaster TCA Captain Pack Airbus Edition or the First officer version or maybe you want something else? but the issue is that sometimes map connect or liveflightconnect thinks some buttons may be axis so it doesn’t allow it to be used for flaps etc. I have this issue with my current Thrustmaster T-FLIGHT HOTAS X, on the joystick there is a little hat switch which I use for my flaps with live flightconnect. but it doesn’t work with map connect which is why I use both. but it is a real pain having to keep my old laptop which has liveflightconnect on it in good condition when it is really old.

Being Compatible
I was thinking infinite flight could make an app compatible with almost all devices so it can suit everyone.

Mapping the buttons
Then the app could connect to IF whether the connecting app is on that same device or not and you change what all the buttons/axis do in the IF app itself.

Different planes are different to each other
It is important to note that different planes may have different flaps settings or other features that other planes don’t have so it would be good if there was an option to select an aircraft and then there you decide what all the buttons/axis do and you can save it and do something different for another plane.

axis as buttons
This is an important one, flaps levers may not work as they are thought of axis and it is important that even if it is thought of as an axis then we can use axis as buttons.

Go in to detail
At the moment on the controls page in settings, when you go to assign buttons/axis jobs there are parts that separate all of them into different sections(ex: camera settings, auto pilot). maybe we could go further into this and for flaps, we could have for example:


or for spoilers





Eng1 On

Eng2 On

you get the point

If you would like to see any of the above introduced to the sim then add a vote!


I absolutely agree i have a siteck yoke and rudders, and I also have the throttle

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