Better Intensity of Aircraft Lights

Increasing the Intensity Of Aircraft Lights

In the recent updates in IF there has been a huge improvement in lighting throughout the game. However during night-time, especially the time right after sunset from around 8-11PM the lighting is very low. It is impossible to see the taxiway in front of you and it ultimately makes taxiing very difficult and often i have to either change the time to day or use the free cam to scour the path ahead. So what i suggest is that the intensity of aircraft lights be increased so that it can illuminate the path ahead of you can ultimately you can see the taxiway in front of you. This will greatly ease night flying and would encourage the same. I far as i remember of the Pre-global days, the intensity of the strobe lights used to be a lot more than now and that one could see, the reflection of the lights on the ground. That is something that can greatly help this case. Increasing the intensity will make the game much more fun and realistic.

So please feel free to tell your thoughts on this.
If you feel this will be a good addition to IF, please don’t forget to vote for it!

I think this is very similar to these two…

i am not asking for taxiway lights…that is a new topic altogether
i want the intensity of existing lights to increase

Also, please use the search bar before creating a feature request in this category to make sure it isn’t a duplicate.

If that were to increase they would illuminate the ground, hence why I linked the feature request for that.

The lights require a rework of how they’re rendered, not as simple as turning the brightness up unfortunately. Show your support on the first request @Captain_Finck linked :)