Better indication of ATC directed at me

I have had quite some issues recently with TTS just disconnecting mid-flight, and when that happens it becomes difficult to notice incoming ATC messages unless I stare at the screen all the time.
I am proposing a better indication that is more visible, or simply audible. Examples would be a vibration, a ding or similar sound, or showing the message in the same way as the “You have been tuned to XXXX ATIS” message.

P.S. I am aware there is a similar topic but that was from 3 years ago and has no votes.

Idk but personally if you’re on approach, or in contact with atc i’d be looking at my device and observing my surroundings to make sure i was clear of any aircraft incursions. Same with approach. I can find it annoying not hearing when atc send a command, but id find it even more annoying having a ding or vibration every time atc sent me a message.

Well it would be a togglable settings for sure. Also with the approach thing it’s more because I often need to do nothing for quite a few minutes when vectored by approach.

Still a good idea to be looking at your screen. Just have to pay a little more attention to the headset icon thing, and when it flashes you know you’ve been given a command so

Here is a tip. You will notice an option to reply to the controller (not shown in picture) in the ATC Commandments menu on the bottom left.

You will have an option to “Reply” (Green) or choose the “Unable” (Red) command on the menu. This is only shown when any controller responds or contacts you in any given moment. I use this all the time which is why I do not need this feature. If you are not sure where to start heading / what instruction this was, scroll up the ATC logs inside the ATC Menu. 👍

As @Alphadog4646 pointed out, you can also notice the orange flashing headset. Anyways, the point is that when you are tuned into any given frequency, according to real world procedures, ALWAYS be in focus.