Better ILS instruments

Just curious as to why the localizer and glide slope are not located together in one instrument. Why not have a vertical and horizontal line that you use as sort of a bullseye? Seems like it would much easier to maintain your decent and position by keeping both lines right in the center.


At least for Airbus I know that IFs ILS is accurate. You can see it in the PFD on the right side. Flight director is probably what you want I guess ;) image


from a random ancien video on YouTube


Omg I didn’t noticed I played IF before. I’ve played that version on my tablet!

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Because it isn’t realistic!?

Yea you are probably looking for the FDs ;)

It’s realistic. Research before making such a rash post. The Cessna 172 ILS indicator looks like this. Like you can see it in IF -_- also they have these things called HSIs that work as directional gyros that an be slaved to the GPS and ILS instruments. Look them up

For you info, this is how it looks in real life

It’s realistic to have it in separate places. I know both Airbus and Boeing have theirs there

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Thank you Bob, @Rodney_Buckland like Bob said on commercial aircraft they are located in seperate places. (Bob I would like your post but I’m out of likes for today, sorry)

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I didn’t think I was being rash. I wasn’t complaining. Just asking a question. Sorry if it came out that way.

Thanks Bob

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I wasnt talking to you. I completely agree that we need better ILS instruments. It’s a struggle to intercept the localizer and ILs at the ssme time

My apologies Rodney. My bad.

Thanks Rodney. I should have known. I’ve flown many cessnas but none of them equipped for IFR.

We just need working instruments, period.

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Maybe for a Cessna! Most commercial planes use the system we have now. Just to let you know before you make a “rash” post.

My suggestion is to not change the display but be able to tune the instruments. Instead of just choosing a list of approachs. This would allow you to fly VORs, NDBs and proper ILS approachs.

Many aircraft other than Cessna’s use this system. And alot of commercial airliners do to.

Also, on the airplanes that do have them in separate places, it’s still on the same instrument. Like the airbus picture above. It’s still around the artificial horizon. In its next to altitude, and then way down on the directional gyro. It makes it hard to see both at the same time.