Better experience on the training server

Here’s an idea: how about providing level 5 players with a bit more enforcement power ?
I am happy to spend hours providing ATC, and usually it is a gratifying experience, but you do get the odd player who is really irritating, from the guy with a call sign like 1999999999 flight of 6 to the guy who will just not listen to any instructions.
How about giving level 5 players the power to do a mini ghost, with a 5 minute effect for example and no other impact on the player ? This would help us make the environment more enjoyable for everyone, being a level 5 we are by definition respectful and knowledgeable about acceptable behavior…
Respectfully, 49ers fan.


Having Grade 5 doesn’t make you know how stuff works, or how to behave unfortunately.

So no, not a very bright idea.


The only thing hat I can see being workable is IFATC memebers being allowed to mini ghost in training

MaxSez: Fagetaboutit! I would not Trust a Grade 5 Pilot with anything but a rental IF Aircraft even on a clear day. Grade 5 is based on a machine count.
Not Maturity or skill level. I put my trust in Forum and IFATC Moderator’s Only!. Nuff Said.

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Good point. I have seen grade 5’s ‘behaving badly’ on expert before. I wouldn’t really trust them.

Maybe votes on the forum for people who should moderate?

Boy would I love to ghost some “certain individuals” who have no respect for other whatsoever on TS1 …


Got to agree with you there! ;D

MaxSez: IF Forum is not a democracy! Any vote would be invalid, the “Old Boy/ Favoritism in play daily here would slew the result. I’ll rely on the FDS leadership to select the “Policeman”. Here we go again " Kingdom Building”

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True, point well made.

We can report a misbehaving pilot. Let’s do it!

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