Better ATC

So I went into the advanced server, the wind started to blow me forward. Immediately I got ghosted for an hour. I didn’t do anything else. I think either the ATC should be less harsh, or ghosting times should be shorter. Another suggestion would be to have a reputation, so if you do good flights you would be ghosted for less time then someone who just started.

As previously mentioned ATC are also just humans. I suggest you contact the ATC that was online at that time and talk with him about this incident to know why he ghosted you. Please bring some screenshots or eveidence wth you for clarification.

Note that other users may have reported you multiple times leading to a “ghost” or maybe ATC just misklicked accudently.

How would I contact the ATC?

First of all make a screenshot of him in the tower with full name etc.

Then make a post on IFFG or here. All controlers are on facebook and they “should” all be in this forum here.

If you fail at contacting him that way message another controler and ask him to contact him for you.

BUT REMEMBER: Only do that if you have clear evidence of it being wrong and always writte those posts in a neutral mood!

Hello @AirbossPro!

In case you don’t who I am, My name is Zach hazen and I’m part of the Infinite Flight controller group as well as the ATC recruitment team. After reading your message, I highly doubt it was a controller who randomly ghosted you. I know almost all of the controllers and I know they wouldn’t ghost you for no reason and wouldn’t ghost you without sending you help messages. Example like “please follow instructions”. " Check help pages" stuff of that nature.

However, In case it happens again, please make sure you know the name of the controller who it was that ghosted you, try to take a picture of your log, and brief but thorough explanation of what happened. We recently have this happen before with other controllers taking advantage of their ghosting ability and want to make sure that we keep our professionalism when controlling. If you have questions always feel free to ask!

Happy flying!

// IF ATC Recruitment Team

Thanks for the info @Zach_Hazen! It could have been other trolls who were not the ATC, but it is quite frustrating when you do get ghosted! I will make sure to do that next time!