Better ATC views

there should have a better view when on ATC mode like inside the tower. IF please help with that. you should be able to see computers and glass and things. and with 3D buildings add obstruction lights and taxiway lights then you would be the most Eggstream flight sim. Eva…


this would be a good idea! maybe walk around for better views. I was thinking, “how does he know my mom’s name?” hahaha

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hahaha yeah… :)

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Also, what if we could do watch a certain airplane any where like FSX ATC. That would be cool.

you can do that already, double tap on an aircraft :)

I mean like from a distance of that airport you’re doing ATC at so lets say you are at KLAX, and you want to see a plane from KNUC, you could select it on the map and see it.

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that would be good, but Infinite Flight isn’t capable of loading aircraft of more than 5 Nautical Miles away (back on topic :) )

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