Better active weather.

In Infinite Flight the only weather options are visibility,wind,wind gusts,wind direction, and temperature. I think that if there would be snow,rain, and hail that it would make flying more realistic. If there is hail you would have to wait for the hail to stop or storm to pass. If it was snowing or raining the runways and taxiways would be slick. I know that the slickness of the runways and taxiways might be impossible to do and maybe even the hail but it would be nice to see it rain and snow in the game.


You shouldn’t be posting in #developer if you aren’t developing anything for Infinite Flight. This belongs in #features. Better weather has already been requested before so be sure to check if a topic (with your idea) has already been made to avoid clutter and to better organize the forums for us. Btw welcome to the forums and if you have any further questions, pm me, a mod, or a regular member to familiarize yourself with the forum rules :)!


Welcome aboard! as @Benny87654321 said, please search before posting for the next time, we don’t want many duplicate topics. Enough by having one post per topic or one topic per post :) We hope you will have a nice experience in this community ;)

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