Better A350 Wing Views

Credit to @ViperSlam for the idea and pictures.

I’ve compiled some examples of what the A350 wing views should have looked like upon release.

Below is my improved rendition of the current left-side wing view which is currently far too zoomed out for the angle; I’ve moved it to make it look more natural.

Here are @ViperSlam’s examples of new wing views which look fantastic.

Among seeing more scenery and a more eye-pleasing perspective, new wing views will definitely freshen up the A350’s current ones.

If you agree that these wing views should be implemented, please leave a vote! Thanks.

I honestly think the views a fine. i think there are more important things that need to be done, But that my opinion. everyone has different opinions i guess. :)

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If we only ever requested the most “important” things, ideas would become stale very quickly. It’s always good to have variation.


However i do like this view.


I would like to add a view next to the engine to this and a mid-wing view:

Credit: Inflight with James

Credit: Daren Tyczynski


Definitely! For the second picture we have a similar one on the left side.

Oh my gosh we seriously need views from farther back in the plane. I hate how much scenery the wing takes up. Sadly can’t spare a vote but I fully support this idea 👍


It would be juste excelent , just like the last 3 shots


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Strangely enough, last row view was only introduced on the CRJ series

That would be nice, but I think there are better things to be added that are more needed in the game.

Obviously this is the case with 80% of feature requests. If you support it though then show it, if not then don’t. Ultimately that’s what gets things added. The devs will usually decide to add things they see around, it might be only a 5 minute job for them. Who knows!


Can’t agree with you more. The current views don’t seem natural, they seem very “stretched and zoomed out.”

Here are 2 angles I’d like to see:

(My photos)


Seems like they put more work into the CRJ views than the much more highly-anticipated A350.

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Yes but they got more time to work on it (CRJ2 then 7,9,1000) plus it is much more smaller than the heavies.

I agree. If only there was a way to edit the FOV.

You can, sort of, by zooming it in to a different perspective and leaving it on the whole flight. The only downside is that you have to replicate it for every new flight.

Problem with that is that you can’t see most of the engine in a large scale which is that I want. You’d really see the wing but not much else.

Yeah that’s also an issue

I think that instead of worshiping the camera from another angle, the devs could put a free camera in the wing view on both sides, that would move only sideways at the edges where there are windows

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wing view from the back seats seriously need to added… the B787 series has sooo damnn amazing behind the wing views… both of the new aircrafts the A350 and the B772 have wing view exactly on top of the wings and it steals such terrific views and feels. Even in a real aircraft, i prefer sitting behind the wings for the view. I seriously feel behind the wings views should definitely be there. I wonder why people are not talking about this. Anyway, personal choices, I spared a vote :D