Hey, I was just wondering if it was possible to be in the beta testing team, or do they not allow members of the public to do so?


It is possible, but you have to be invited.


Only mods and devs are part of the beta Team. Get one of them and you will be able to participate!


So impossible 🤪


Mods and devs aren’t the only ones, and no, it’s not really impossible, but rare. Us beta testers are brought in via staff choice (the only way to do this is to have an overall very good standing in the forum) or be recommended by another tester. So, unless you can be trusted by staff with classified information, your chances are quite slim. But, if you’re determined, just keep helping out with the forum, become a regular or start a good VA! 👍🏻


no you dont have to be a mod or staff. general public can be but read @Nate_Schneller reply about how the general public get beta


Hello @Captain_Johnstone. It is not possible as @DeerCrusher posted below:

Thanks 😉


Not to forget, Beta Testing is also being tested by real world pilots. This means (depending which aircraft they fly in the real world) they test out the aircraft over some period of time, give a feedback on what can be changed in physics, how good the structure is, etc.


Thanks for the question! At this time it is invite-based only. This isn’t intended to be a social club, rather a collection of like-minded individuals who have a technical eye, a good understanding of the product, and a high level of activity to catch bugs in scenarios your average user may not encounter.

Rather than a massive public beta we’ve gone with a smaller private team to focus our scope of testing. Most of these members are developers, part of the aviation industry, or carry the knowledge to not only find bugs but translate those findings into clear and concise reports that result in a faster fix.

The staff does review the team regularly and we will add/remove members as needed to keep the team efficient and effective. Keep doing your thing here, be helpful, stay active and no doubt your name will be mentioned if the need arises. Cheers!



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