Beta testing upcoming aircraft (beta server on a new app)

I know I’m being sarcastic, but wouldn’t it be nice if eventually IF would have its own beta server (like literally in the app)? It would allow us to test new features and even aircraft before they come out, and submit feedback to the developers/etc. I believe it’d be a pretty fun experience overall; but surely, this isn’t a easy process, but it’s a great idea…!

I don’t think at the beginning every player should apply for beta testing, rather just do it phase by phase to perfect the way the server would function.

Cast your vote below if you’re for IF having it’s own dedicated beta server (which could mean a different app, obviously)!

We have a closed beta group of folks who test and run these new features through their paces across all device platforms, (Android & Apple). A separate “beta” server wouldn’t be needed as a result. We are currently not taking on any new beta members so we ask that you respect our inboxes by not asking. It won’t get you in. Thanks!