Beta Testing Bug Found

Speedbird 23 Super

Was your account linked with IFC in-app at the time of the issue?

Version Information
Did not disclose my servers just crashed one by one and whole screen just went black for a second then everything crashed.

Device Information

iPhone XR


I was conducting a flight from London to Helsinki with the BA 777-300ER And after I passed 22k EXACTLY my servers crashed one by one in an off way very slowly, then my map froze and then my whole game crashed. The TestFlight app sent me a notification saying that my game crashed and to contact developer about this issue.

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch IF
  • Step 2
    Go to EGLL with a BA 777 ON EXPERT and climb to 22k with any flight plan I think that is going to Helsinki.
  • Wait for the servers to crash and then map freezes and followed by that the whole app crashes.

If everything plays out correctly, you should see the servers crash around 5 to 7 seconds apart followed by that 10 second gap the screen is going to freeze and 3 seconds after that most likely the game will completely crash. Followed by that the TestFlight app will send you a pop up notification saying to report this to developers.

The actual results were basically what I said above except all those things happened and played out.

I do not have any footage or anything sadly, but I did submit a thing to the TestFlight app developers and my callsign is American 23 Super (in geneal) but not during the flight because I change due to different livery. And one more thing is that I was on expert server when all this happened so make sure your on expert.

I hope this info helps and you can email me or dm me here if you need to contact me. I might be in school so I might take a bit to later in day to respond.

Thanks guys!
American 23 Super

Thanks for the info, we had some issues with the Live servers but they should be fixed now