Beta Testers

So I’ve checked and all I’ve seen are closed threads about Beta Testing but none of them give specifics on what to do to become a Beta Tester. Any pointers?

You simply can’t become one

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Beta testers are hand picked by the developers - long story short don’t ask to be one.

Hey there.

Beta testers aren’t just selected by asking. Normally they may be very active community members handpicked by staff. In short, it’s like IFLLC’s hiring method;
Do something that catches their eye.


Nuff said
Cheers boss

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A word is enough for the wise. Cheers fam

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Let them figure out the bugs, we’ll work with the finished product 😂

Internal recommendations based on what we see in our community members/users, professional demeanor and ability problem solve are just a couple of a laundry list of items we look for. Simply being yourself is a great starter.