Beta testers

Hello everyone, I’m creating this thread because I wanted to know how today’s beta testers managed to get to this position, I’d like to know what they did (stand out or something)

Thanks for listening!


IF hand picks beta testers, you cant apply to it


It would be interesting to know what beta testing is like on Infinite Flight though 🤔 wouldn’t that be cool

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You can’t (at least I don’t think you can)

Like i said before there is no way to apply, IF hand picks people who think the are worthy of it

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Beta testers are chosen. We do not accept direct requests to be a Beta Tester. We also do not offer an open beta version of the app. Our team of testers all have unique skillsets and experience testing to help expedite the process from Development to Release.


Beta testing is when a player who is chosen to play an unreleased version of said game, is to play the game and see if they can create or find hidden bugs and report them to the Game Developers for them to reproduce and fix the issue.

Infinite Flight hand picks Beta Testers, you cannot apply for it.

I know that I’ve beta tested(not really) before

First, you must travel into the deep bowels of Allegheny National Forest in search of a white-tailed deer. Set up shop in a tree and get your blind configured. Lie in wait for a while, perhaps a few days, until you nail one. Climb down from the blind and move to skin the carcass, draining enough blood in the process to fill a small vial - this is very important.

After your hunt is over, emerge out of the wilderness and get on a plane west to San Francisco, California, not to be confused with San Fransokyo. Walk to the Golden Gate Bridge and smear the vial of deer blood across the metal trusses holding the bridge together. Once you’ve done so, chant “beta, beta, beta” to the skies above you and perform the rain dance of the Menominee Indian tribe of Wisconsin.

In a few days, it’ll rain. When it does, retrieve the tablet you use to play Infinite Flight and hold it up high against the elements, offering it as a sacrifice to the gods. So much would your offering resonate that an email ping would make its way to the servers of Infinite Flight LLC, notifying them of your fervent actions. Only then will you be under the company’s watchful eye, flagging you as a devotee to everything the community stands for. Whether or not it’s on a ban list or beta list, I cannot specify.

After this has occurred, it is your responsibility to make a charitable donation each week while you wait, possible suggestions including the Salvation Army or the Society of Secret Santas. Ensure you bellow “beta boogaloo, beta shoogaloo” as you willingly part ways with the cash, the latter preferably placed in an unmarked brown paper bag and deposited at the back of the charity’s physical location where workers cannot find it. This is for documentation purposes.

After all is said and numerous weeks have passed, enough karma should have built up within your physical presence to receive a place on a list of some kind. That’s as much as I can help you with - the rest is on you.


How did you come up with that?? And besides what if we don’t use a tablet?


Just out of curiosity I do wonder what qualities they look for in beta testers 🤔 you would’ve thought it would be the most experienced, but apparently not. They don’t seem to always choose real world pilots either… Perhaps those with testing experience in IF? But then how do new people get experience in doing something they get chosen to do?
It doesn’t seem to be down to how active or helpful you are on the community either. Maybe it is just random? Who knows.

Beta testers are all different. Only some of them are similar. There is no specific requirements, and nothing you can do in particular that’ll have you added. Most of it is a trust aspect. You’re testing an app used by over 40,000 people, and you’re helping to make it better. You also have to keep it a secret.

If you’re thinking that have 5,000hrs flying time, or 400 days on the community will get you added; it won’t. The people that try to become beta testers never make it.

It’s not random, they’re selected carefully for various reasons
And I think it’ll stay that way.

The bigger the beta team, the higher the possibility of someone accidentally leaking new features.


Some of them have been testing from the days it first hit the tablet and even before live was even about 😁🙊


Ah okay I see. Cheers!

You have way too much free time…


Do something that makes me and the others have to add you 🙂