Beta Testers for IFPM

Hey forum members, it’s your CEO of IFPM just in with a quick poll/recruitment.
I have decided to create a team of beta testers to test out each event idea I have. And let me tell you boy whistles* you gonna have a hella of a fun time 😉!
If you are interested please head over to good old IFPM website and apply. I need about three more gents or ladies who are willing to do some crazy stunts/amazing flights/and the like.
If you feel this is you please vote below on the poll and comment that you are interested, for the link to my website just open up my profile and bingo presto there it is!!

  • I am interested and ready to join
  • Sorry I’m not a beta tester type

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Have a blessed day/night everyone! May the force be with you, and may the odds ever be in your favor!


I don’t need the whole forum just three or so pilots who are willing to try some stunts that would normally get you violations enough to land in jail ;)

Why not do it on the casual server?


It was being sarcastic…to symbolize that what you are doing would normally wrack em up so you wouldn’t normally be doing it. Sort of a way to get people interested

Final drumroll call before poll is closed and beta testing program is sealed.

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