Beta Full?

The beta on iOS is still showing as full for me. Anyone else able to get the beta?

If it shows full, then it’s full. Nothing you can do about it.

Not to worry though, the 20.2 update has been approved by Apple and should be released to the public soon.


How soon? Especially since it’s 777 ATC week

In the coming days. Infinite Flight does not disclose the specific dates.

With our open beta program being a huge success in helping our team find issues with some complex new coding, we’re now prepping for the launch of 20.2. The iOS version has been approved by Apple and is pending developer release, which will be in the coming days (we do not release on or near a weekend due to staff availability). Our developers have been tidying up some final small snags on Android with screenshots and sharing replays. As well, our final server tests are in progress as we prepare for launch. Thank you once again to everyone who participated and helped in the open beta!

~ Infinite Flight Development Timeline