Beta Air, Cleared for Takeoff

I took some photos out of Taipei, Vancouver, and Denver this morning after the newly released open beta! I hope you enjoy this photo and the ability to test new aircraft!

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Hopefully this is competition against @Suhas but I think not.


If I could attribute an IFC member to each photo the first one would be @TaipeiGuru, the second @Oskapew, and last one @Luke_Sta. Great photos dude!


Wow nice bro. I need to go to school next day. I’m in Asia and it is 10:49pm. I am trying the beta test (fun fact)


Nice! Hopefully you can enjoy your testing tomorrow! Focus in school :)

If it was an older one, I would be all over it 👀

Great shots Kamryn!


Really loving the first one, nice!

My topic is coming later today ;)

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Haha the second one’s me alright ;)


Competition indeed it will be, if you can load some cargo in those flights for me and many other users. @Suhas has done an excellent job in delivering me quality Pineapple Juice and Mango Juice for the Summer season, and thus I’ve extended our partnership contract.

The pictures here are amazing indeed, each and every one of us take great shots and edit them well in our own personal way, but if you can haul Fruit Juices to my liking, and other cargo to other users liking, then you got good start into a healthy competition ✌

Suhas, for October-November, I need a bunch of Grapefruit Juice ;)


you bet, more Cargo flights coming soon hehehe

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These pictures are amazing bro keep up the good work

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