Best yokes for Infinite Flight

What are the best yokes for infinite flight I know the thrustmaster hotas x is pretty good and is $70:00-$80:00 Australian dollar

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I have a feeling this may be a duplicate…

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Fudge I didn’t search im an idiot

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Just close it please

@Aussie_Wombat @Cpt_elpuru then why you guys can’t provide the link of the similar topic?

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I’ve found one

Here it is, although it’s pretty old so this might stand

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This topic started out weak and still took a turn for the worse lmao


Just fly but fly on ts1

How did this topic turn to this direction?😂 Please close it

Yokes to wifi😂

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Who knows how it happened

No your not, you just forgot to search.

Enough is enough, dude. Quit hijacking other topics with your issues, please. Make a #support topic if you need help fixing your issue. Thank you.

Now since we’ve gone off topic long enough, let’s revert back to talking about the best yoke for Infinite Flight.

I personally don’t own a yoke, so I couldn’t tell you what’s the best to use but I hope someone recommends a good one for you. :)