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I have a iPad mini 4 and now I use the IPad system to turn I don’t have a joystick or yoke. For people who have a joystick and yoke system help me. I am looking for a joystick more than yoke. Also i used to have a yoke but it required to much power on the iPad so it did not work. So I am looking for one that works on the iPad mini and one that would make me a better pilot.
Thanks, NAZ32

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Hello, well, first of all I think this post should go to #general, as it doesn’t belong to a third party app.

But in terms of your case, I also have a joystick, but I couldn’t make it work. I have an OTG cable, but I’m not sure if my joystick is not compatible or if the OTG cable is not working.

Anyways, I suggest you to download LiveFlight Connect for your computer. Here’s the link to the page
You could try setting up your joystick and it could work.

Good luck :)

I search for a good yoke for IF, which one dod you have and do you recommend it.

I recommend Logitech 3D… Good quality with a reasonable price

I will check it out thanks!

Thank you appreciate it

Hello, I have Logitech EXTREME 3D PRO, good joystick

I have a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick and a Saitek Pro Flight Yoke. They are both very good, but I use the joystick more often. If you want a joystick/yoke on a budget, I would fully recommend the Logitech joystick. For $50 CND, it’s amazing! If you want something a bit more sturdy, Then I recommend the Saitek yoke, even though it’s $230 CND. I should also mention that the Saitek yoke comes with a $70 CND throttle. So for $230 CND, a yoke and throttle quadrant it very good!

I have the Logitech top one how to you connect to you device

Does IF allow the button on the yoke and sidestick to be configured to control something?
Also does IF support the rudder pedals?

Do you have an iOS or Android?

Configuration for Connection using LiveFlight Connect:
Mac: Buttons and Axes can be configured.
Windows: Buttons can be configured, but Axes cannot.

Rudder pedals:
For iOS, IF supports the rudder pedals, but it gets complicated. No matter what computer you use to connect, you cannot use the brake function on the pedals, as this will cause all of the controls to stick to one side. You can get out of this by moving the yoke, though. If you use a Mac or Macbook, it is easier to connect the controls, as you don’t have a specific order you have to plug things in to your computer and you have more control over assigning axes. If you use a Windows computer, you have to plug the rudder pedals in after you connect to LiveFlight Connect for IF to recognize them. I personally just use a joystick because of the problems I have had using them.

If you have more questions though, feel free to PM me.

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I would use an egg yoke.

No but in all seriousness the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro is one of the best side-sticks out there.


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