Best yoke settings for realism

What’s the best joystick/yoke settings for the most realistic gameplay?

i think that this depends on the yoke/stick itself

I just go for a lower sensitivity, just feels alot nicer and heavier.

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Hey @Royv23!

Your best course of action for this scenario should probably be what Tsumia said, lowering your sensitivity. Also, from my experience when using a joystick, which I did for a very short period of time, I liked binding the buttons on my joystick to that of a realistic set up. So if the plane I was flying only had an A/P disconnect button and trim setting on the joystick, then I would configure the rest to my keyboard and specific buttons on my keyboard.

So, my suggestion to you for maintaining realize while using a joystick is to research the plane that you’re flying, and maybe configure your joystick according to the plane that you’re flying if that wasn’t already a thought that crossed your mind.

I hope you enjoy your experience with that, just a little heads up that there might be a bit of input delay when using the joystick!

Ok, so it depends on the airplane, yoke/joystick, and on your own preference?

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