Best Wind Setting

Which is he best wind setting for takeoff and landing on infinite flight if you reply thanks

Best wind setting? I don’t really have a preferred wind setting, usually it’s pretty random?

I don’t usually walk outside, feel a gust and say ‘oh there’s my favourite wind gust again’?

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Everything less than 3 knots from any direction won’t cause you troubles.

That is exactly what I do! :)

:-D 0kts is the best for both takeoff and landing.

High speed winds can disturb your flight, especially on props

Wow that was so helpful

Best speed ever.

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@MaxSez. @Frontierfan2004… Been with us since 2025r Frontier. You should know that the wind speed and direction is set for you by the system based on the METAR/TAF/Controller at your location. Personal wind setting are only available on the Solo server. Hopefully by this time you should have weined yourself off of Solo except for FAM Flights. Bottom line I’m confused by your question. What are you really asking?

Like on solo mode which wind is perfect for landing and takeoff

MaxSez: @Frontierfan2004… Zero wind & no gust. That’s best for learning the characteristics of an aircraft on Solo. Next step once your comfortable increase head wind speed in increments of 5K. More hadwind more lift. Next you must understand how to control the aircraft with quartering & crosswind. Same steps jus increase speed in increments of 2 when you get up to 10 your prepared for the big servers. 10 is the majic number for quartering and cross winds when they launch and recover you on a red Rway. It’s call “the cross wind component” Read about it in the “Pilots Handbook” which is free at Read & Think about it, take it slow and master the technique with a light aircraft first then strap on a Trash Hauler. Good Luck

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Ok thanks for the help

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