Best weight to land b738

whats the best weight to land a b738.?

Anything under MLW (Maximum Landing Weight) is good


Nothing really a “Best” Weight, but definitely below the maximum landing weight for one, and the lighter the better, but don’t skip out on passengers or cargo just remain light and have a semi easier landing

I’m at 32% right now

Well, question is way too ambiguous.

Although the MLW is an important factor to take into account, you must consider other variables like the runway length, air density, brake and reverse thrust power applied.

Best condition would be at an airport with a runway larger than 7,000ft, 0ft MSL and below 66,000kg of weight

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Just make sure your under 66000 kg. That’s MLW. There is not best weight, just keep it below that. If you are heavier than that, hold (or just make a series of 180s somewhere) to burn off fuel. @BinaryChess has a very good point above!

ps. KATL is arrival , Landing runway 27L

Oke, trust me, you will be totally fine when landing!

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