Best website for SID and STAR charts? is most likely the best charts site you can get, it has more airports in the database than any other database in the world, however it costs about $85USD per year.

Just look up the airport and then ifr plates and a FlightAware website should pop up. For Example: (KORD IFR plates). Best part is it is FREE.

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That, however, is only for US Airports and a few select Canadian airports.

Yes that is true. That is the only downside :(

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I don’t think anybody has mentioned

Virtual Hub

It’s a free app on the App Store (I don’t know about Android) but it’s super helpful and has charts thousands of airports

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My guy, I use it all the time for finding what terminal an airline is located at specific airports ;) great app!

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You can use it for SIDs and STARs too!

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When you fly in Brazil you can find charts here:


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